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Dj Lazarus South Africa
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DJ Lazarus, born as Thokozani Absalom Malaza in Klenksdorp, South Africa, took his DJ skills out of the house - subsequently, he became the local darling whenever there were school, Valentine or 21st birthday parties.
He was raised to national fame when he teamed up with musical minded duo, Euphonik and Stageup - Africa Soul and was formed. Together, they bowled over the nation when African Soul tracks, ‘Ubumnandi’ and ‘Spirite of Ubuntu’ featured on the Tiger producer, DJ Zululami album - Drum of Africa, Vol 2 & 3 respectively.

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MY Fav Collection On SA
1 BlueMoon - You Make Me Feel (Kenny Summit's Time & Space Mix)

2 Boris Roodbwoy, Andrew Rai - Don't Believe The Hype (Dj Fuzzy & Ayman Nageeb Remix)

3 Boris Roodbwoy, Andrew Rai - Don't Believe The Hype (Dmitri Saidi Remix)

4 Boris Roodbwoy, Andrew Rai - Don't Believe The Hype (Malikk Remix)

5 Brame, Hamo - Parish Rumors (Original Mix)

6 Breixo - Do Me Right (Breixo Edit Version)

7 Breixo - Gonna Get Over You (Breixo Edit Mix)

8 Brodhertz - Still In Love (Diskoslave Remix)

9 Brodhertz - Still In Love (Liva K Remix)

10 Bruce Bailey - Speaker Box (Delano Smith Remix)

11 Bruno Magri - Harder (Original Mix)

12 Bvaltik - Alien (Kid Culture Remix)

13 C.R.O.M.I, Lowkicks - Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix)

14 Chad Tyson, L.A. Cruz - Lemme Hit It (Original Mix)

15 Chris Avantgarde - The Good Old Days (Original Mix)

16 Chris Carrier - Fantasy Faces (Original Mix)

17 Chris Carrier - Magic Gallery (Original Mix)

18 Chris Carrier - Stories (Original Mix)

19 Chris Carrier - Warlock (Original Mix)

20 Christian Kornberg - The Monday Song (Markus Kavka Remix)

21 Christian Kornberg - The Monday Song (Original Mix)

22 Christopher Ivor - Love Devastation (Original Mix)

23 Claptone - The Music Got Me (Original Mix)

24 Claytonsane - My Obsession (M. Rodriguez & Filipe Neves Remix)

25 Cochise - Radon (Cochise Remix)

26 Coutel - Irresistible

27 Cristoph - Reachin' (Original Mix)

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